Ultra Slim Gas Lighter

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Our ultra thin refillable gas lighter. Logo engraved on front. Lyric engraved on back. “gots to let‘em know that I elevate at levels higher every time I felt the fire”

How to safely refill:
Refill in a well ventilated space.
Make sure the sighter isn’t hot.
Turn it upsidedown to fill.
Fill in short [2-3 seconds] bursts. You only need 2-3 seconds to fill it.
If you overfill it the butane will leak. As soon as you see the leak stop filling the lighter. 

CAUTION: Butane is flammable. Follow all of the instructions on the butane can for how to use and store it.

**NOTE: Due to shipping restrictions it does not come pre-filled. Purchase butane separately. A video on how to fill the lighter is on our @curvesathome Instagram page.